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Domestic Vs. Foreign
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Distinguishing Between Domestic and Foreign Entities 

This topic will address the following questions:​​

What is the difference between domestic and foreign entities?​​​
How do I know if I am a domestic or foreign company?

Domestic Vs. Foreign Entities 
Many believe that a foreign entity is one from another country.  However the individual States in the U.S. always refer to a company formed in another state as a foreign entity.  Below are the definitions of foreign and domestic.
A U.S. company doing business in the state in which it is incorporated is considered a domestic entity. 
When purchasing Domestic registered agent representation you are purchasing representation service for a new or existing Illinois entity that is formed (organized) or going to be formed (organized) in the State of Illinois and is not formed (organized) in any other state.  
A U.S. company conducting business in one state when incorporated or chartered in another is considered a foreign entity.
If your company wishes to conduct business in Illinois and Illinois is not the state in which it was incorporated, you will need to qualify to do bushiness in Illinois before you establish a business presence in Illinois.
When purchasing registered agent service for a foreign entity, you are purchasing representation service for a new or existing entity organized and already doing business in a state other than Illinois that intends to establish (qualify) a business presence in Illinois (aka Foreign qualification).  
Foreign companies must register to transact business in Illinois and should refer to our research topic on What Constitutes Doing Business in Illinois to determine if your circumstances require you to file an Application for Authority (qualification) with the Secretary of State.  
If you are completing the Application for Authority to do business in Illinois on your own, we recommend you review our article on foreign entity requirements ( LLC or  Corporations) for help in completing these forms. The Illinois form  BCA 13.15 is one of the most commonly rejected Illinois forms mostly due to franchise tax calculations and/or missing supporting documentation.  We offer our clients a complimentary review of their documents to determine their acceptability with the filing clerk.  We encourage our clients to reach out to us for this service.