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LLC 50.1 - LLC Annual Report

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Instructions for completing the LLC Annual Report

This topic will address the following questions:

When is my annual report due?
When and how do I get the annual report?
What does it cost to file the annual report?
Is there a late fee or penalty if I don't file on time?​​
​Do I need to provide supporting documentation with my annual report?
Illinois Annual Report Limited Liability Company
Filing of the annual report puts the world on notice that you are in compliance with all state compliance statutes and that the company is in good standing in the State of Illinois.
Illinois annual reports are sent to your registered agent, who in turn delivers the reports to the designated person at the company approximately 6 weeks prior to the due date with Illinois.  The Annual Report due date  is the first day of the month of the anniversary of the acceptance of the company's registration with the State of Illinois.  If your incorporation or qualification date is October 30, 2018, then your annual report would come due on the first day of October of each year the company is conducting business in Illinois.  
Annual report fees were reduced in 2017 and the filing fee is currently $75.00 with a late fee of $100.00 with the late fee begining on the 60th day past the due date.


Numbered items in the article below correspond to the numbered questions on the form.   Unless indicated as optional, all questions must be completed.
1. Limited liability company name:  this is the legal name of the company in its state of formation and/or on record with the Illinois Secretary of    State.  An assumed name is not the legal name of the company, but is an alternate name established with the State to transact business under.
Registered Agent:  Then name of your current registered agent .
Registered Office :  Referrs to the office of the registered agent which should not be confused as the principal office which is where the company books and records are located.
* The registered agent name and address cannot be changed on the annual report; this must be done by filing the LLC 1.36/1.37 form .  The registered agent must be exactly what is indicated on the State's database for the annual report.
2.  State or Country of origin:  This is your State of formation (domestic state).
Date organized in or admitted to Illinois:  This is your formation date in Illinois, or the date the State of Illinois accepted your application for         admission to transact business in Illinois ( LLC 45.5 form ).
3. Address of principal place of business: This is the physical address of where the company's books and records are maintained.
4. Name and business addresses of managers and any member with the authority of manager. 

***Starting on January 1, 2020, all members or managers that are a corporation, LLC or other entity who are not currently registered with the Secretary of State as a foreign or domestic entity, must submit a good standing certificate for each member or manager from that entities domestic State. 

5.  If manager or member is an entity, then this is an attestation that their current existence is affirmed.
6.  Notification that agent changes can only be made by filing form LLC 1.36 / 1.37 or by filing an amendment to the articles of organization or      amending the application for admission to transact business.
7. Signature block should contain the member or manager's signature, printed name and title as member or manager.  If the member or          manager is a company, it will be signed by an officer of the corporation or authorized member/manager of the LLC which will include their title and the name of the company they are signing on behalf.