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Thank You for Choosing Illinois Registered Agent Inc. as your representative in Illinois! Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Thank you for your payment for agent representation for the State of Illinois. Your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. 

The registered agent name and registered office address that is required by statute on any of the Illinois Business Services forms is provided below and must be presented to the Secretary of State exactly as it is shown herein:

Illinois Registered Agent Inc.
5405 W. Margaret St. 
Monee, Illinois 60449
Will County


(708) 859-0444 (office)

(708) 218-1696 (cell)

Upon receipt of your Required Info form and payment, Illinois Registered Agent will verify that we have all of the information required to service your account. If we need additional information for your new account, we will e-mail the person designated on the Required Info form to receive State correspondence by email for further clarification.

Illinois Registered Agent will also contact you by e-mail once payment notification has been received to insure that you have received our contact information. Payment notifications may take anywhere from a few minutes to several days depending on your method of payment. Payment notification reaches us when your payment clears from its origination.  

Our Responsibility to You:

Agent representation includes acceptance and delivery by standard U.S. mail of correspondence from the State of Illinois and legal service of process on behalf of your company for one year. If you have purchased the Email upgrade, any correspondence received will be delivered by Email prior to sending by standard U.S. mail. 

Illinois Registered Agent does not process or send day to day operational mail.  Be sure your principal office address is one that you will be using for your business or where you can receive your day to day business mail.  Federal and State employment tax documents are considered day to day operational mail and our address should NOT be used when filing for these tax numbers.

Illinois Registered Agent’s representation will begin on the first to occur (the “Effective Date”): 

1) Upon acceptance of your filing by the Secretary of State of Illinois that names Illinois Registered Agent as your representative in Illinois.  Sole Proprietors, LP’s and estates and specific licensing that requires agent representation will become effective immediately; or,

 2) 90 days post payment.

Correspondence and service of process received by Illinois Registered Agent on behalf of our clients will be sent to the individual designated to accept such documents as indicated on the company’s Required Info form and will be delivered to that contact person by U.S. standard mail service. For clients that have chosen the upgraded delivery, we will send those documents by Email in PDF format and then we send the original document by standard U.S. mail.

Your Company’s Responsibility to Us:

All entities (domestic or foreign) must complete a “Required Info” form so that Illinois Registered Agent is able to properly service your account. 

Our address is specifically used for Secretary of State filings only.  The use of our address as your business office will void our representation of your company.

Domestic or foreign entities must inform Illinois Registered Agent of any change made by filing documents with the Illinois Secretary of State that would change the company name, ownership, registered agent, principal office address or if there is a change in the contact person specified to receive the service of process or state correspondence from Illinois Registered Agent.

Clients that do not file their annual reports and are administratively dissolved by the Secretary of State’s office, will receive state correspondence and service of process from Illinois Registered Agent Inc. until the agent representation renewal date lapses.  

We reserve the right to resign as your registered agent once our renewal invoice reaches 60 days past due.

*Special conditions related to Series LLC representation*

Agent representation includes acceptance and delivery of correspondence from the State of Illinois and acceptance and delivery of any service of process on behalf of your parent company for one year, subsequent designation representations are an additional $30.00 per year, per designation, and we will require the submission of a Required Info form and payment through our site to notify us of the series designation prior to Illinois Registered Agent’s acceptance and further delivery of state correspondence or service of process for that designation.

Thank you once again for choosing Illinois Registered Agent as your representative in Illinois.  We look forward to working with you!