Instructions to complete the NFP 105.10 - Statement of Change of Registered Agent and/or Office

This topic will answer the following questions:

  • How do I change my Illinois Registered Agent with the State of Illinois for a not-for-profit corporation?
  • When can I change my Illinois registered Agent?
  • What does it cost to change my agent in Illinois?
  • How do I find out who my registered agent is in Illinois?
  • How do I fill out the agent change NFP 105.10 / 105.20 form


The Statement of Change of Registered Agent and /or office is one of the easier forms to file with the Secretary of State. However, there are certain situations where the State will not accept a change in agent.

If your company is not in good standing in Illinois, the State will not accept any filings.  And if you do not renew your registered agent’s representation, the agent themselves can resign as your agent by filing a Notice of Resignation as Agent with the State of Illinois. In this case, the company would be required, by statute, to appoint another registered agent.  Entitles that do not comply with this requirement will be administratively dissolved by the Secretary of State.

NFP 105.10 / 105.20 Instructions:

Numbered items in the article below correspond to the numbered questions on the form.   Unless indicated as optional, all questions must be completed.
1). Corporation’s name that is on file with the Secretary of State’s office.

2.). List the State of Incorporation of your company.

3.) The name of your current Registered Agent and their registered office address, including street and number or rural number, city, zip code and county that is on file with the Secretary of State’s office. 

4.) The name of the Registered Agent that you intend to appoint to this position including the street and number or rural number, including city, zip code and county.

5.) Statement that the Registered Agent and Registered Office address is identical.

6.) How was the change of agent authorized:  

a) by consent of the Board of Directors – Any change of registered agent must be by resolution adopted by the board of directors. This statement must be signed by a duly authorized officer; or

b) by the action of the Registered Agent.

Signature of the appropriate party of this document would be based on what box was ticked in item 6.  

If item 6a was chosen, the NFP 105.10/105.20 form will be executed by an officer of the Corporation

If item 6b was chosen, the Registered Agent filing the form would be signing.


Filing by mail:  can be sent by overnight mail, standard mail or can be hand delivered in person.  Filing fee when delivered by standard U.S. mail is $5.00. 

On-line filing:  There are two options 1) routine filing which takes 10 days with a $5.00 filing fee, and 2) expedited filing which has a 24 to 48-hour turn-around with an additional $25.00 expedited fee attached to the filing fee of $5.00

To file the agent change on-line, follow this link:  


Secretary of State Mailing Address for NFP 105.10 / 105.20 form:

Secretary of State Department of Business Services
501 S. Second St., Rm. 350
Springfield, IL 62756