Instructions to complete the NFP 114.05 - Illinois Annual Report

This topic will address the following questions:

  • This topic will address the following questions:
  • ​When is my annual report due?
  • Who is considered an authorized officer?
  • What if the pre-printed information on my report is not accurate?


The pre-printed information is assigned or obtained by the State from the formation or qualification documents submitted to the State of Illinois.  If the Company name or the registered agent information is not correct, you would need to amend the original filing to correct the name or file a Statement of Change of Agent and/or Office to correct the agent information.

This form must show all officers and all directors of the not-for profit corporation.  If the items do not fit on the assigned space, it is best to provide an attachment to the report with the complete list of officers and directors and their addresses (keeping in mind this information is available to the public).

Foreign NFP annual reports are not acceptable as online filings and must be mailed to the State of Illinois.

If your not-for-profit is established for charitable contributions, you may have additional compliance obligations with the Attorney General’s office.  The link to their site is:  https://ag.state.il.us/charities/register_report.html 

NFP 114.05 Instructions:

Numbered items in the article below correspond to the numbered questions on the form.   Unless indicated as optional, all questions must be completed.

Line 1.  Pre-printed name of the Not-for-Profit Corporation.  Verify this is correct.  If the information was presented to the State in this configuration, then the only way to correct is to file an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation.   If this is a typo on the State’s part, then a call to the Secretary of State’s Not-for-Profit department will most likely correct the issue.

Line 2.  Pre-printed name and address of the Registered Agent of the Company:   If the information is correct, do nothing.  If the information is incorrect or has changed completely, you will need to file the Statement of Change of Registered Agent (form NFP 105.10),  the agent change can be mailed along with the annual report, or filed after the report has been accepted. 

Line 3a.  Pre-printed date of incorporation or qualification.

Line 3b.  Pre-printed State of incorporation.

Line 4.  List the names of all officers and directors of the corporation with their respective addresses – business office addresses are acceptable.  The Statutory requirement for the number of directors is no less than 3.  Officers whos names appear on this list are the only officers authorized to sign the annual report.  Directors are not authorized officers and cannot sign the report.

Line 5.  Indicate a brief purpose of the Not-for-Profit (i.e., Charitable, educational, HOA, etc.)

Line 6a.  Check yes or no to the question of is this corporation a condominium association?

Line 6b.  Check yes or no to the question of is this corporation a cooperative Housing Corp?

Line 6c.  Check yes or no to the question of is this corporation a homeowner’s association?

Line 7.    Provide the principal office address of the business.  (A principal office address is typically the location of where the books and records are kept for the corporation).

Line 8.   Signature of one of the officers listed on line 4, along with their title and the current date.

Mail the completed and signed report along with $10.00 if filed prior to its due date to the State of Illinois at the following address:

Secretary of State
Business Service Division
501 S. 2nd Street, Room 328
Springfield, Illinois 62756 – 5520

The domestic Not-for-Profit annual report can be filed online with some stipulations, by following this link: