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We offer two levels of representation .  Electronic and standard mail delivery is recommended for those that have active litigations and multiple State correspondence and filings and are not in close proximity to their registered agent or are outside of the State of Illinois where it takes a few days to receive mail from Illinois. 

Standard mail delivery is an option for those that are in close proximity to your agent in Illinois and can receive their mail in a matter of a day or so and who typically receive a low amount of litigation activity and filings.  With this option, no PDF copy will be sent by email.

Representation duration is 1 year from the first to occur:  1) 90 days post payment; or 2) the accepted filing with the State of Illinois that names Illinois Registered Agent as your registered agent.

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Effective Date of Representation​​

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Representation becomes effective upon the first to occur:

1) 90 days post payment; or

2) the acceptance of your filing with the Secretary of State of Illinois.

Illinois Registered Agent will confirm your filing status and notify you of your "effective" date and "anniversary" date with Illinois Registered Agent, Inc.

Services are in full force and effect for 1 year from effective date.
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