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NFP 113.15 Application for Authority

NFP 113.15 Application for Authority to conduct affairs in Illinois is for foreign Not-for-profit corporations that desire to transact business in Illinois. This form is required to solicit funds for charitable causes for a not-for-profit incorporated in a state other than Illinois.

This topic will address the following questions:

  • Do I need to file this NFP 113.15 application for Authority to do business in Illinois?
  • What if my company name is not available in Illinois when I file this document?
  • Is the Principal office the registered office?
  • Are there other requirements for NFP corporations?

NFP 113.15 Application for Authority Background:

Any not-for-profit company incorporated in any other state can transact business in Illinois after they complete and submit an NFP 13.15 Application for Authority to Conduct Affairs in Illinois (form NFP 113.15 submitted in duplicate-original) to the Secretary of State of Illinois together with certified copies of the Articles of Incorporation with any and all amendments filed from their domestic state.

Information required on the NFP 113.15 form will be located within your certified copies from your domestic state.

NFP 113.15 Application for Authority Instructions:

The numbered items in the article below correspond to the numbered questions on the form NFP 113.15 Application for Authority to Conduct Affairs in Illinois. Unless indicated as optional, all questions must be completed.

1.a. Corporation Name: The legal name of the corporation as indicated on the original copy of the Articles of Incorporation from its domestic state. If the Articles of Incorporation have been amended to change the company name, then the current legal name pursuant to that amendment must be inserted.

1.b. Assumed Corporate Name: Only complete this line if the legal company name is NOT available for use in Illinois. If the name is not available you will be required to file the NFP 104.15 form (Application to Adopt an Assumed Name) in tandem with this filing.

2.a. State of Country of Incorporation: Identify the State in which your company was incorporated initially (your domestic state).

2.b. Date of Incorporation: Identify the date of your initial incorporation in your domestic state.

2.c. Period of Duration: If the company bylaws do not designate a termination date for this entity, enter “perpetual” here.

3.a. Address of Principal Office, wherever located: The definition of a principal office is the office in which the books and records of the corporation are kept and where day-to-day operational mail is delivered.

3.b. Address of Principal Office, in Illinois: If there is no principal office in Illinois, place N/A in this field.

  1. Name and Address of Registered Agent and Registered Office:

Registered Agent Name: Registered Agents can be an individual or a corporation and must reside in the State of Illinois. The State delivers all State correspondence to the registered agent and process servers will deliver court documents and all service of process to the registered agent during business hours. It is the registered agent’s responsibility to see to it that the proper individuals at the corporation are notified of these communications and delivered the same to the appropriate individuals in a timely manner.

Registered Office: Include the physical address of the registered agent in this field. P.O. Box numbers are not accepted without the physical address. The registered office is not a principal office since the books and records for the company are not held or maintained by the registered agent.

5. States and countries in which the Corporation is admitted or qualified to conduct affairs: List all states that the company has filed similar documents so that they can transact business in those states. Include the State of incorporation in this list.

  1. Names and respective addresses of the Corporation’s officers and directors: Keeping in mind that these documents are part of the public record, you may want to use the principal office address for your officers and directors to keep their personal information private.
  1. Purpose(s) for which the Corporation is organized and proposes to pursue in the conduct of affairs in this State: The purpose is a statement of the type of function or character for which the corporation is formed. Illinois requires this statement to be a narrow or specific purpose and will not accept a purpose that is too broad, general, or vague.

Not-for-profit corporations may be organized and qualified to conduct affairs for any one or more of the following or similar purposes:

a) Charitable

b) Benevolent

c) Eleemosynary

d) Educational

e) Civic

f) Patriotic

g) Political

h) Religious

i) Social

j) Literary

k) Athletic

l) Scientific

m) Research

n) Agricultural

o) Horticultural

p) Soil improvement

q) Crop improvement

r) Livestock or poultry improvement

s) Professional, commercial, industrial, or trade association

t) Promoting the development, establishment, or expansion of industries

u) Electrification on a cooperative basis

v) Telephone service on a mutual or cooperative basis

w) Ownership and operation of water supply facilities for drinking and general domestic use on a mutual or cooperative basis

x) Ownership or administration of residential property on a cooperative basis

y) Administration and operation of property owned on a condominium basis or by a homeowner association

z) Administration and operation of an organization on a cooperative basis producing or providing goods, services, or facilities primarily
for the benefit of members who are consumers of such goods, services, or facilities

aa) Operation of a community mental health board or center organized pursuant to the Community Mental Health Act for the purpose of
providing direct patient services

bb) Provision of debt management services as authorized by the Debt Management Service Act

cc) Promotion, operation, and administration of a ridesharing arrangement as defined in Section 1-176.1 of the Illinois Vehicle Code

dd) Administration and operation of an organization for the purpose of assisting low-income consumers in the acquisition of utility and telephone services

ee) Any purpose permitted to be exempt from taxation under Section 501(c) or 501(d) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, as now in or
hereafter amended

ff) Any purpose that would qualify for tax-deductible gifts under Section 170(c) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, as now or hereafter amended (Any such purpose is deemed to be charitable under subsection (a)(1) of this Section.)

gg) Furnishing natural gas on a cooperative basis

hh) Ownership and operation of agriculture-based biogas (anaerobic digester) systems on a cooperative basis including the marketing
and sale of products produced from these, including but not limited to methane gas, electricity, and compost.

**A corporation that is to function as a club must insert in its purpose clause the following statement: the corporation will comply with the state and local laws and ordinances relating to alcoholic liquors.

  1. Attestation: that the certified copy of the original Articles of Incorporation with all amendments from the company’s domestic state are attached to the filing as supporting documentation of its existence and good standing in the state of incorporation.

9. Signature block: An authorized officer must sign, then print their name and authorized title, and include the legal company name.

Tax Exempt Not for Profit corporation must register with the Illinois Attorney General’s office: http://www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/charities/reg_reports.html.