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Illinois Registered Agent® was established In 2009. We have not increased our prices throughout our existence. We provide reliable registered agent representation, entity formation and qualification assistance and expedited filing options. Our site is for those that want to save some money and do-it- themselves, with the help of our reviews, guidance and years of corporate experience.  We provide you with the tools to succeed.

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our guidance

We provide line by line instructions for many Illinois State forms

What are Corporate By-Laws?

Instructions on what is included in the corporate by-laws.

How do I form an Illinois Corporation?

Instructions for the BCA 2.10 form.

How do I fill-in the Illinois annual report?

Step by step guidance for completing the Illinois annual reports

When is my annual report due?

We address this in our Corporate Definitions page.

Do I need to register my business in Illinois?

What constitutes doing business in Illinois

What is Illinois franchise tax and how is it calculated?

The formula used to determine your franchise tax is outlined.

What is an operating agreement?

Items typically included in the LLC's operating agreement.