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Do it yourself and save money - with our help

21 years of corporate compliance experience ​​

Illinois Registered Agent is geared towards those that want to go through the process of setting up their own company, doing their own due diligence and understanding every aspect of their business from start to success which saves the new entrepreneur hundreds of dollars in legal fees.
From our formation date, Illinois Registered Agent has grown along with the research we provide.  New pages are continually added with new information on how to navigate the State of Illinois filing system and the annual filing and reporting requirements
Illinois Registered Agent, Inc. provides those with the ingenuity and courage to invest in themselves and the ability to confidently prepare the legal documents needed to start their own businesses.  There is a score of research on our site that helps to identify what the State requires on each form ranging from incorporating to agent changes to  dissolution's.  We provide you with the resources to do-it-yourself.  And if you get stuck, we are here to guide you.  We are always happy to review your forms for accuracy prior to your filing with the State of Illinois.

If you are in a time crunch, we can help you with that too, contact us for specifics.
We have twenty-one years of corporate paralegal experience, contacts and knowledge to assist new entrepreneurs with their filings.  We offer personalized service to our clients when purchasing the lowest cost agent representation available. When you choose Illinois Registered Agent, you hire a corporate paralegal who represents your company, answers your questions, guides you to the appropriate filing forms, and will provide review and assistance with filings when needed.   
We look forward to working with you!
Nancy Warner
Sr. Corporate Paralegal and Owner
Illinois Registered Agent, Inc.

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